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Baked Vandenis cottage cheese, Vandenis restaurant, Palanga

Breakfast menu

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which gives you energy and a good mood for the whole day. We invite our guests to enjoy a delicious and varied breakfast with us, which is complemented by our own fresh bread and muffins.

Here you will find a wide selection, starting with a traditional English breakfast with fried eggs, ending with Italian omelets with fresh vegetables or traditional Lithuanian scrambled eggs.

You will definitely like our pancakes and cottage cheese, and for those who want a healthy and balanced breakfast, we suggest you try our porridges.

We bake croissants, roast coffee and invite you to have breakfast with us every day from 10:00 am. to 12:00 p.m., and on weekends from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00

"Vandenis" restaurant is a modern space with light retro spices, divided into 4 cozy indoor areas and 3 outdoor terraces, perfect not only for gatherings of family and friends, but also for special celebrations. We can safely host up to 150 guests at a time.

Toasted black bread sandwiches, restaurant Vandenis, Palanga
Vandenis logo

Our doors and hearts are open - we welcome everyone.


Birutes al. 47, 00135 Palanga, Lithuania

You will find us

+370 613 55551


Music club

+370 620 33998

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Vandenis fish, restaurant Vandenis, Palanga

The most important ingredient in all our dishes is love and sincere attention to what we present to you.


We are happy to offer you a menu of pizzas prepared by our own hands, as well as pizzas baked by us.

Each of our pizzas is made with high quality ingredients. Different cheeses, vegetables, prosciutto ham, different flavors of salami, good olive oil, properly selected herbs, spices and a delicious pizza crust. We invite you to enjoy our authentic pizzas.

Spicy salami pizza, restaurant Vandnis, Palanga

The menu

Our restaurant is famous not only for its delicious breakfast, but also for its traditional dishes that are appreciated by our guests and have already become favorites. Depending on the season, we also prepare seasonal dishes so that you can find something new every time.

All "Vandenis" dishes are made from natural products.

Bread is fresh, baked every morning in our bakery.

Dumplings - made in our kitchen, by hand.

Sweets - prepared by ourselves.

Beef - grown on an organic farm, so it has a unique taste.

The sauces are mixed and prepared on site, so they convince even the biggest gourmets.

Table reservation

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